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Manalyzer is a tool for exploring your deck productivity in terms of mana production and mana cost.

The Manalyzer consists of four basic components:

  • Mana Curve
  • Manalyzer
  • Mana Breakdown
  • Average Cost

We will describe each one of them separately. In out tests we will use the Mirrodin preconstructed Blait & Bludgeon deck. The deck is available in the My Decks folder of MTG Studio if you have chosen to install Sample Decks during installation. If you are not aware what cards this deck consists of, here is the list:

16 Swamp
4 Seat of the Synod
4 Vault of Whispers
2 Somber Hoverguard
1 Broodstar
2 Nim Shrieker
2 Steel Wall
2 Leaden Myr
2 Myr Retriever
2 Silver Myr
2 Bottle Gnomes
3 Frogmite
1 Lodestone Myr
3 Myr Enforcer
2 Thirst for Knowledge
1 Thoughtcast
2 Assert Authority
2 Irradiate
4 Talisman of Dominance
1 Scale of Chiss-Goria
1 Serum Tank
2 Aether Spellbomb
1 Tooth of Chiss-Goria
Figure 1 - Mana Curve

On figure 1. the mana curve chart is shown. The cart consists of seven bars (from 0 to 6+). Each bar stands for a mana cost. Bar 0 is for cards with manacost equal to 0 (like Ornithopter). Bar 1 is for cards which have mana cost equal to 1 (Steel Wall, Aether Spellbomb). The same rule applies for all other bars. Bar 6+ shows the number of cards which require 6 or more mana.

The value in yellow above the red bars shows the number of cards which require such mana. You can click on a bar and read detailed information which are these cards which require such much mana. Lets click with the mouse on Bar 2. You should see this:

Figure 2 - Mana Curve Information

The message (Figure 2) shows the cards which have mana cost equal to 2.

But why there is written "In Turn 2 you can play the following cards:".

We assume the each turn you play a land and we do not take into consideration mana-producer cards (such as Birds of Paradise).


The manalyzer (see Figure 3) shows visually how much mana is required to cast the cards from the deck.

We have two Irradiate and two Nim Shrieker cards in the deck each one of them with 3.pngBlackSymbol.png mana cost. The colorless mana is not taken into consideration, so we count four black mana.

With a single look we can determine that this deck requires Blue and Black mana and also that we need much more Blue than Black mana.

How much mana exactly we need is written after tha mana symbols for each different color.

NOTE: The colorless mana is not counted or taken into any consideration.

Figure 3 - Manalyzer

Mana Breakdown

Mana breakdown shows detailed breakdown of the colors in the deck with their percentage part of the Average Cost.

Lets examine the BlueSymbol.png (the blue color).

There are two values written 0.29 and 7.91%.

This we read the following way: The blue mana forms 7.91% of the average card casting cost which is exactly 0.29.

As you can see in this deck approximately 90 percent of the mana required is colorless (89.21%).

In the right upper corner of the Mana Breakdown group you can see the Total Cards number and the Total Mana number.

Total Cards shows how many cards you have in the deck (lands are not counted).

Total Mana shows how much mana is required to cast all the cards in the deck.

Figure 4 - Mana Breakdown

Average Cost

Average Cost (on Figure 4) shows the average casting cost of a card in the deck. When calculating the average cost the colorless mana is taken into consideration.

NOTE: Calculations on split cards are done by taking the average of the left and right parts.

Both parts of the split cards are taken into consideration for the Manalyzer and Mana Breakdown.

Flip cards are calculated only by their top part.

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