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(Other Magic Software)
(Other Magic Software)
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[ Blue Wizard] - discontinued
[ Blue Wizard] - discontinued
[ BotArena] - discontinued
BotArena - discontinued
[ Card Vault] - not updated since 2004
[ Card Vault] - not updated since 2004
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[ Decked Drafter]
[ Decked Drafter]
[ DeckBot] - discontinued
DeckBot - discontinued
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[ iMtG]
[ iMtG]
[ Lord of the Deck] - discontinued
Lord of the Deck - discontinued
[ Magic Collection Manager]
[ Magic Collection Manager]

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Popular Magic Software

MTG Studio

MTG Online

Magic the Gathering Tactics

Magic Workstation - no active development just edition updates.

Magic Workstation Data

MWS Game & Manuals

Slightly Magic

Wagic the Homebrew

Cockatrice - discontinued 2013

Magic Assistant


Magic Album

MTG Collection Builder

Other Magic Software

Apprentice - discontinued

Blue Wizard - discontinued

BotArena - discontinued

Card Vault - not updated since 2004


CCG Card Maker

Chaos - discontinued

Collector's Gateway - not updated since 2004

Complete Magic Database - discontinued

Daring Apprentice - discontinued

DCI Reporter

Decked Builder

Decked Drafter

DeckBot - discontinued

Decked - not updated since 2003

Draft Trainer

Firemox - discontinued

Forge - discontinued

Fun Card Maker - discontinued

Generic Collectible Card Game - not updated since 2009

HQ Card Generator


Ivory Tower


Lord of the Deck - discontinued

Magic Collection Manager

Magic Little Helper

Magic Convertor

MTG Score & Poison

Magic Drafter

Magic Interactive Encyclopedia - discontinued

Magic Library Software - discontinued

Magic Project - discontinued

Magic Set Editor

Magic Spellbook - discontinued

Magic Suitcase - discontinued. Downloads available from [1]

Magic the Gathering Battlegrounds

Magic the Creation - discontinued

Magic: The Database Addons


Magic Set Editor

MAGMA Magic Machine

Magic Table

Manalyzer for Magic the Gathering

MTG Rules for iPhone

Manalink 2.0 - installation available here

Mindless Automation - not update since 2005

MTG Card Manager - discontinued

MTG DB - not updated since 2004

MTG Deck Builder

MTG Downloader

MTG Editor - discontinued

MTG Forge

MTGO Library Bot

MTG Play - discontinued

MTGO Card Value - discontinued

MWS Picture Assistant - discontinued

Nate's Draft Simulator

Nate's Magic Calculator

OCTGN - discontinued

Open Magic Data

Online Draft

Palm MWS - discontinued

Shandalar - discontinued

Star City Games Mobile

The Magic Analyst - discontinued since 2007

The Vault

Virtual Play Table

Online Magic Software

Make Deck


Magic Cards Info

Magic Librarities

Magic Rarities

Misprint cards catalogue Squit's Magic Misprints

Black Lotus - discontiinued

Whisper Wisdom Guild - a Japanese online card catalogue

Deck-u-lator - online probability analysis

Deckbox - online deck editing

My MTG Cards - online deck and collection editing

Magic Deck Optimizer

MTG Deck Builder

Dragon's Vault

My MTG Cards

Tapped Out

MTG Collection Builder

Magic Formats, Rules, Articles and other info

[Hyperlinked Magic Rules|]

Magic Official Web Site

Magic Rules

Banned & Restricted Cards

Magic at

Crystal Keep

Wizards Community


Magic Variants

Brain Burst

Black Border

CCG Russia

MTG Patent

Magic Deck Vortex

Magic 4

StarCity Games



MTG Ontario

Mercadia DE



Devir BR

Portal Magic

MTG Zone

Magic League

Magic Deck Vortex

Magic Corporation


Planet MTG

MTG Gothic RU

Wizards Russia

Magic Online Card Database

Online Play Table

Deck Registration Sheet

MTG Online FAQ

Official Reprint Policy

Magic Misprints

The Mathematics of Magic

Мagic l'assemblеe


Gaming Etc.

Gathering Ground

Find Magic Cards

MTG City

Forums & News

MTG News

Magic Lore

MTG Canada

Local Resellers

Sargona Russia

Paladium Games Bulgaria

Online Magic Card Stores

ABU Games - integration of prices with MTG Studio available

Magic Traiders - integration of prices with MTG Studio available

Card Kingdom

Find Magic Cards



Cool Stuff, Inc.

Gaming etc.

Card Market


MTG Fanatic

Mox Diamond

Magic Trade DK

Card Shark

Comic Corporation

MTG City

Big Fireball

Troll Land Toad - they do not reply on requests for price integration

Wizards Cup Board - MTG Studio integration pending

TCG Player - they have a price API used in Deck Builder

Magic Ville - cards in French

Find CCG

Black Border

Bid Wicket

Sell Magic Cards

White Lion Games

Any Craze

CCG House


Star City Games

Mana Leak

Magic Mad House

Magic Cards Infp - aggregator of MagicInferno, Gamers' Inn, CoreTCG, ChannelFireball, Matchplay, Cape Fear Games

Channel Fireball

Magic Done Right

Neutral Ground

MTG Mint Card

Magic Arsenal

Card Haus

Strike Zone Online

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