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This is the MTG Studio manual. It will help both novice ands experience MTG Studio users get aquainted with the MTG Studio capabilities.

1 Main Window

1.1 Main Menu
1.2 Toolbars
1.3 Statusbar
1.4 Rules Pane
1.5 Card Preview
1.6 Card Pool
1.7 Decks
1.8 Collection
1.9 Abilities

2 License Agreement

3 Splash Screen

4 Register

5 Open Deck

6 Deck Properties

7 Deck Legality

8 Deck Statistics

9 Starting Hand

10 Filters

11 Sort Columns

12 Import Wizard

13 Pick Price

14 Validate Card Art

15 Progress

16 Legend

17 Options

18 Messages

19 About

20 Unlock

21 Reports

21.1 Deck Registration Sheet
21.2 Deck Availability
21.3 Missing Set Cards
21.4 Combos from Collection

Once installed and run MTG Studio will open showing the main window. From here you can create or load decks, manage your collection and control the program behaviour.


MTG Studio main window comprises of several areas:

  • Main Menu

From main menu (as in every Windows program) the main application commands can be executed. Some of the menus may be disabled if you are not in the right editing mode, or a card has not been selected.

There are NO disabled menus in the Trial versions. During your trial ALL program features are enabled. If you see a menu being disabled it means that you either have not already opened a deck, or you do not have a card selected from the Card Pool or Deck Area.


  • Toolbars

Toolbars (as in every Windows program) contain small buttons with the most commonly used commands.


  • Card Art

The Card Art area previews the scanned card image. There are multiple card art image sources which can be configured from Tools | Options menu.


  • Rules

Rules pane contains card rules, flavor text, card notes and explanations on how to use the card (as FAQ or combos).

  • Card Pool

Card Pool contains the full list of call cards ever published. Read the full list of Supported Editions.


  • Deck Area

The Deck Area is the place where you create your decks. You can drag cards from the Card Pool or use the Cards menu commands to build unlimited number of decks simultaneously.


  • Statusbar

Statusbar is the place visual indication of the ongoing program actions are displayed - progress bars on time consuming actions performed or warning messages.


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