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Report any missing cards you encounter. First check from the list if the card has not been already reported.

Please report missing cards to support@mtgstudio.com.

Use the template below when announcing new cards:



== [Card Name] ==
Foreign Name:
Card Type:
Collector No:
Card Image Link:


Name: Acidic Slime

Foreign Name: If the card is printed in non-English language type the the name of the card as printed on the top left corner

Set: 2012 Core Set

Sub-Set: Promotional and Token cards are organized in sub sets like (FNM, MPR, etc.)

Version: For cards with several reprints in a set (like Forest (1), Forest (2)) type the number 1 or 2

Language: English

Foil: Type Yes if the card is Foil of HaloFoil. Type No if the card is not foil

Cost: 3GG

Card Type: Creature-Ooze

Power: 2

Toughness: 2

Loyalty: Plainswalker cards have Loyalty printed at the bottom right corner.

Rules: Deathtouch (Any amount of damage this deals to a creature is enough to destroy it.) When Acidic Slime enters the battlefield, destroy target artifact, enchantment, or land. Rules Symbols are supported.

Flavor: Type the Flavor text the card exactly as printed on the card. Note that there is difference between ... and … symbols, Ae and Æ, - and —, etc. Type the new lines exactly as on the printed card

Artist: Karl Kopinski

Collector No: 161/249

Color: Green

Released: If the card is promotional type the date when the card is released in the format 15 Jul 2011

Notes: Put additional notes if you need to

Card Image Link: http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Acidic%20Slime


Windseeker Centaur [Harper Prism SP]

Name: Windseeker Centaur

Foreign Name: Centauro Piesligeros

Set: Promotional

Sub-Set: Harper Prism

Version: no version

Language: Spanish

Foil: No

Card Type: Invocar centauro

Power: 2

Toughness: 2

Rules: El Centauro Piesligeros no se gira al atacar.

Flavor: Leales e impetuosos en el combate, los Piesligeros vagan porr las Tierras Verdes cerca del Mar Melifluo.

Artist: Anson Maddocks

Collector No: no collector no

Color: Red

Released: 1 Jan 1996

Notes: HarperPrism El Bosque de los Susurros novel purchase bonus. Misprint White Border.

Card Image Link: http://www.mtgstudio.com/images/other/Windseeker%20Centaur%20%5BHarper%20Prism%20SP%5D.full.jpg

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